JSP Land Development offers a full range of consulting services for all aspects of site development from concept through construction.   Our in house services coupled with our network of experts provide us with an experienced and highly knowledgable team.
Site Design
JSP Land Development specializes in providing site design services for small scale development projects such as gasoline stations, c-stores, drive-thru restaurants, car washes, and small retail sites. Our efforts range from conceptual design to complete site plan review submittal packages. We understand the needs of our clients, review boards, architects, contractors and most of all, the patrons.
Traffic Engineering
Our Senior Traffic Analyst has over 15 years of experience conducting traffic impact studies, assessments, sight distance analyses, and peer reviews. We have an impressive success rate providing expert witness testimony in local, land and superior court hearings. JSP is especially effective in peer review services of big box retailer proposals.
Permitting and Expediting
JSP Land Development provides permitting and expediting services for all design and re-imaging services we provide. We also provide similar services for building construction or renovations projects by others. Our permitting services move projects faster and relieve clients and contractors of this time consuming task.
Construction Management
Project bidding, material selection, quality control, scheduling and coordination are a number of services provided by JSP Land Development. We provide various degrees of construction management to suit the needs of clients.